What do I do if something in my box is missing or unusable?

Please contact us at support@cre8crates.com. We will promptly replace any missing or unusable items.


Will my child need my help with the activities in the crates?

We try to only include projects that a child can do on their own. However, some activities will require an adult helper to use an oven, a knife, a lighter, etc. Also, a child may need your help if their age is outside, or at the edges of, the recommended age range.


I love that you donate to children’s hospitals. How can I help?

There are currently two ways you can help us accomplish our donation goals. 1. When you check out you will be given the option to round your order up to the nearest dollar. Those added funds will be used to donate more crates to kids!

2. You can take advantage of our Buy One, Donate One program. You’ll add the crate that you want shipped to you to your cart. You’ll then add a “Donated Crate” to your order also.

The “Donated Crate” can be found at the bottom of any product page, or you can just click here . The donated crate will be 50% off! We won’t ship the donated crate to you, but we will add your donation to ours!

We’ll even add a tag that says the box was donated by you! We appreciate any donation you can give.


Is everything I need included in my crate?

Pretty much! Scissors, glue, pencils, markers… you name it, we put it in the crate. There are very limited instances where a knife, oven, or lighter is needed. We do not include those items.


Will you work with my charter school and accept a purchase order?

Yes. We love to work with schools. Have them contact us at support@cre8crates.com if we need to become a pre-approved vendor. Otherwise your school can send a purchase order to us at support@cre8crates.com.