About Us


I am a mother who loves creativity. A couple of years ago I set a box of crafty items in front of my nine year old daughter and told her to make whatever she wanted. I was blown away at the things she came up with. And she had so much fun doing it. And we still have some of the things she made.

I am also a mother who doesn't love to participate in my kids creativity. I mean, I'm happy to help if they need a little something, but generally I want them to be happily creating on their own. Let's face it, the dishes, laundry, cooking, and working aren't going to happen if I'm creating masterpieces. Some moms are great at sitting with their kids and doing creative projects. I am not.

Finally, I am a mother who loves it when my kids are doing pretty much ANYTHING besides staring at a screen. Ugh, screens!

So, here I am, wanting to provide you with a product that your kids will use to spend hours away from screens, in creative bliss, with a subject they are enamored with, thus giving you a little time to do what you need to do! That's what we want for you and for your kids!

We are a new company, launching in March 2020. We are woman-owned and have an all-women team of creators, designers, writers, illustrators, and photographers. And we all have kids, so we have a pretty good idea of what kids like! ALL of the activities in our books are kid tested!

More than anything we want you to know that we are grateful for every crate that is purchased, every social media post that is shared, and every single time you tell a friend about our crates. 


Operation Cr8 Donate

I have a son named Hyatt who is great kid. Really, the kindest, most caring kid who loves Legos and soccer with all his heart. He also happens to have Type 1 Diabetes. His diagnosis in 2016 was hard on me, but it was even harder on him. His whole life changed with one doctor's visit. We spent three days in an amazing children's hospital while we learned how to take care of our six year old. He mostly played video games while he was there, which was fine. At that point I wanted him to be able to do whatever made him happy. 

Fortunately we have not been back to that hospital for an extended stay since 2016. But we have friends who have spent months and months there. We know how hard it can be to be stuck in a hospital and we know that parents are desperate to keep their kids happy while they are there. With Operation Cr8 Donate we hope to bring joy to kids who want something new to do while they are in a hospital bed. 

Please help us to help them. Donate a crate if you can.